Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A day for tired eyes

A cup of tea in a camper always helps

How embarrassing - I put Little Man to bed tonight at his usual time, and ended up falling asleep with him!  Woke up with a dog's nose in my face, obviously wondering where I'd disappeared to :)

I think the reason for my early night could be over exposure to email!  I decided today to sort out my account as it's got a bit silly - over 450 unread messages, plus twice that of read messages means I've been missing something - either emails I've not opened from people, or replies to one's I have opened which have got lost in the email mountain that was my inbox.  Several hours later, I'm down from 50 pages and over 1000 emails to 1 page of 4 emails, and the ones I wanted to keep all stored away in named files.  I'm either suffering from shock that I've been so organized or tiredness from not taking enough breaks from the screen.  Possibly  both.  Whichever, I've now got square eyes, so the lovely comments I've been meaning to reply to will be answered tomorrow - will I be able to take 2 days of organization in a row, or will it simply prove to be too much for me ...

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