Friday, October 28, 2011

Kind heart

Here's a little giftie from me to you xx   I've been shown a lot of love and friendship for the past few days, by seemingly small gestures, but they mean the world and I want to pay it forward!!  I have a lovely bunch of roses on my kitchen table from my friend's garden, we were just leaving her home when she grabbed some secateurs and cut a huge bunch for me.  The same friend made me a cup of tea today on the rocks by a stream near our house, as our children and dogs played close by.  It's the best cup of tea I've had in a long time xx    And we also visited our neighbours today, as Little Man has been promising to drop in for a few days now.  They stopped what they were doing, got us both a drink and we sat outside under their verandah and chatted happily for an hour.  Little acts of kindness that mean a great deal.

During my browsing of the net this Blogtoberfest, I stumbled across this lovely blog, take a look if you have time, the title says it all 'Kind over Matter'.  I wish you a lovely weekend, filled with special moments of pleasure. xx

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