Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Intuit Into It - stiffened felt pot

I hope you've been able to pop across to Tinniegirl's blog to visit some of the others who are part of Blogtoberfest.  I noticed I'm number 88 in the list - I smiled and thought of two fat ladies :)  Quite like that for some reason!

Anyway, this Blogtoberfest has got me thinking about what I'm going to post on a daily basis.  And I thought it would be good to share some of the art projects I did for my ARTbundance(TM) training* as they really got the creative juices flowing.  So today's show and tell is about my Intuit Into It vessel.  Our brief was to create something to put little notes or reminders in whenever we felt we really were in contact with our intuition.  Well, I love felting and thought I could make a pot out of felt. So I did.  I used a small child's bouncy ball, which was a bit squishy which really helped when I had to take the bowl off of it!   When the felt had dried I sewed some tiny seed beeds onto the outside.  I'd also felted some silk threads onto the outside, not sure if you can see them in the picture.

One of my own criteria for the project was that the pot wouldn't be too floppy, so I had to stiffen it somehow.  In the end I used PVA glue mixed with water (about half and half), and really soaked the pot using a big brush.  It didn't seem to work too well after the first coat, so I did a second which did the trick.

Not quite the same comforting feeling of handmade, soft, woolly felt, but I love that it's a pot created from unconventional materials, and it's gradually filling up with little notes of my intuitive whispers so it's all good :)

*  Tomorrow I think I'll share what my ARTbundance(TM) training is all about and where it's lead to - very exciting!!

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Sally said...

Such a brilliant and vibrant colour. Terrific.