Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blogging thoughts from my own little blogging space

What can you do to get more people looking at your blog?   I dunno, so I'm going to carry on as I am because I enjoy it!  Which is quite good coming from me; I still cringe at the thought of those 'no-one likes my blog as much as other blogs' kind of posts I have been known to write.  Now I've learned it's cool to write my thoughts down, it's great for keeping in touch with my family and friends back in the UK and it really helps my creativity - it's almost like oil for the engine, it keeps everything moving!  Really great reasons to keep on blogging, so I will.  Blogtoberfest has helped so much in getting me back into the habit and I've been visiting some other lovely blogs and won't leave until I've left a comment, even if it is something simple like 'hello', it seems polite to let the owner know you've been there and appreciated their work :)

So yes, I feel more content about my blogging and not so attached to the outcome; less of a struggle and it makes me happy.  And sometimes it's nice just to write about being content.


LiteraryLadybug said...

It's good to step back and just allow yourself to create for the joy of creating and seperate that from the need for attention or recognition. Your post today was a nice reminder of this for me. :) Thank you!

Janet said...

It is difficult sometimes not to get caught up in the hoopla of having tons of followers who leave lots of comments. I know because I have to battle with myself about that from time to time. And I say to myself "you started this blog to record things you want to record and if you meet some people and make some friends that's a bonus." And it is true. I have made "friends" with some people - people who I like and would like to meet in person sometime. And all those other people who are followers on my blog but NEVER say a word to me - well they are kind of just out there. No connection to me whatsoever. I have a lot more to say on this subject but I'll stop now.

Sally said...


For me at the moment blogging is a really important way of getting down some 'moments' before I lose them ... to time and to memory! If I wrote it on paper I'd be sure to misplace it.

For what it is worth... and that should be very little because you're the person that counts - I love your blog :) Have done so for quite some time now.

Larissa said...

Thanks for your thoughts, dear fellow and very talented bloggers xxx May we all enjoy blogging and writing and creating for years to come!