Friday, October 1, 2010

What we did this morning ...

Another lovely spring day, walking in the bush with my favourite people and our new hound dog - who went for his first swim today!  He had a good audience, lots of cheering, clapping and shouts of well done, whilst he swam around wondering why his feet weren't touching the ground!

We've wanted a dog for a while now, and since my discovery that I need to get off my lazy bottom and do some exercise or else risk sludging up my gall bladder more than it is, he's arrived at the perfect time.  I no longer have an excuse not to get up and move more!  As he's part border collie he'll always need a good walk each day; I'm loving it really - it's a good way to connect with my family as well as a perfect opportunity for musing and inspiration when I'm out on my own with him.  Hope he enjoys living with our eccentric family ...

Oh, and my September sewing challenge has slightly overlapped with October :)  This (last) month's challenge was a bag, so it was difficult from the outset as I have so many bags I want to make - I LOVE bags!  Will post photos tomorrow.

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