Monday, October 18, 2010

Too nervous to think of a title ...

Well, this morning I had a great idea for a post, but as the day has worn on and it's getting nearer to my hospital visit for a laparoscopy I have to admit I've forgotten what it was.  So, I'll share a picture of a paper doll I made for a medicine doll course I did last year with Barb Kobe.  It was supposed to express what 'wounds' I wanted to heal, but it seems fitting as I prepare to go 'under the knife'!

The doll is made from handmade paper, collage papers I made myself, for example with the flaming hair and my intentions for healing were written on the back of the doll.

I just hope they use better tools tomorrow!! xx


FeltLikeStitchin said...

She's a gorgeous doll!
Try not to worry too much, I've had 2 laparoscopies and lived to tell the tale - just make the most of a few days of pampering while you recover:)

Brighton Breezy said...

Hi Lara - hope all goes really well for you tomorrow :)

You'll be fine!

Larissa said...

Thanks girls! xx