Friday, October 8, 2010

Silver linings ...

It's been one of those days when at times I've wondered why on earth I even got up.

BUT - there are always silver linings!  Firstly all the lovely comments I've received about my giveaway - I will reply personally but I want to thank you all here too and wish you all the best of luck in the draw.

Then, a little thing but it made me smile - the potatoes I found today when shopping (my least favourite job next to ironing).  Now, they're called 'Royal Blue' - but we can all see they're PURPLE!!

And ... lastly ... the final comment I had on my previous post today - "nice floor" - from my husband, who a year later after installation is still very impressed with it.  And I thought it was another lovely blogger!  Until I saw the grin on his face as I read it out loud :)

One last thing - grass trees - I love 'em - they make me happy too.
A little bit of colour makes the world a happier place!


humel said...

I *loathe* ironing... I can cope with shopping, though. Are the potatoes purple on the inside, too? I was reading about some like that on Wednesday and they sounded interesting and a little scary!

Sally said...

Oh I love grass trees too!!! Your photo is great. I always find taking a photo of a grass tree very tricky - I can't quite capture how truly fantastic they are.

... and yes... that is a very nice floor ;)