Saturday, October 16, 2010

If you go down to the woods today ...

As I was walking through the woods today I got to thinking about how much I'm enjoying going for my walks with Charlie dog, especially being so blessed to live in such a wonderful, vibrant, natural setting.

Then I realized it's also reminiscent of a place I used to visit when I was little; my dad would sometimes take me to Alderley Edge (northern England) to walk our dog.  I loved that place, it was so full of mystery and magic, fuelled  in some part I am sure by my love for the Alan Garner books I would read and re-read.  Even the sound of the first book I devoured was magical - The Weirdstone of Brisingamen.  Using the excuse of having children who liked fantasy literature I bought all the Alan Garner books I could find and have them sitting on the bookshelf for when I want to return to the underhill where all the knights are sleeping, ready to return to save humankind. 

I feel that same sense of wonderment when I'm walking in our woods and I feel happy that I can spend my time here.   Where's your magical place?

And for info - my picture is drawn on pastel paper using water soluble oil pastels - they smudge really nicely, and the white pastel adds enough light to give the picture life.  Inspired by my walks in the wood. xxx


FeltLikeStitchin said...

My favourite place is in the woods too! There needs to be a little stream and sunlight filtering through the leaves to make it perfect:)

humel said...

Thanks for the tip - I think I'd enjoy those books, too :-)