Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Recovering in a circle of women

Here I am - now I know that the best blogs always have an image per post, but they also come from the heart and being brutally honest - I'm feeling so tired, so will simply share some thoughts and another quote xx

Yesterday on the ward before my op, I looked around at my fellow patients and got to thinking about being a woman.  I was the token 'middle-aged' woman, there was also an elderly lady and a couple of younger girls in their teens/early twenties.  But, despite our differing ages, we were all there for healing and care, and I wondered what stories we would all have to share.  What stories could the nurses share with us too?  I'm fascinated by the concept that we are all linked by our common human experiences - which made me remember and look for this quote I want to share with you:


"A circle of women brings opportunities for personal and planetary healing.  Here we can discover more about ourselves as women as we see aspects of the Feminine reflected back by our sisters, and learn from the wisdom of their life experiences.  Here we can create a support network for our journey of Women's Spirituality as we rediscover and learn to revere our connection with Nature, the Earth and the wild.  Through such a circle we can become aware of another potential model for society."  (taken from the Moon Diary 2009)


That's why I'm loving being part of Blogtoberfest - it's like being part of a global circle of women - brilliant, creative, passionate women - all sharing our journey.  Exciting hey?  For more links to awesome blogs pop over to Tinniegirl - and join the circle!

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Sally said...

Take care and rest up!!!

Great quote and interesting thoughts. Women can be so great to each other and also so horrid. Humanity is a strange phenomenon regardless of gender. But when it is good is can be oh so very good.

BTW - great blogs don't need a picture. The blog written by Julie (I've forgotten her last name) about Julia Childs ... the one that inspired the movie - doesn't have a single photo. Just thought you should know :)

... now go and rest and take care!!!