Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's Blogtober - a late entry - and a typo!

I had decided to blog everyday in October, but wasn't going to tell anybody in cyberspace so if I didn't achieve it I wouldn't feel too bad.  But, I've joined 'Blogtober 2010' instead, so now everyone in the whole world potentially could know and now I'm going to be made accountable to sticking to my plan.  Which is all for the good really.

So there I am on the Blogtober site, looking at the fab button which I will have to install tomorrow, and I sign up on the correct page and just as I press the submit button, in that final nano second I see that I've actually listed myself as 'Creat for Life!'.  Duh!  Now I have to pretend that I'm being creative with the spelling of CREATE or else admit that I was outside in the dark, typing and not concentrating as much I could have been. Ooops.  Good job creativity embraces imperfection.  I love imperfection!

1 comment:

Seedling said...

Ha! Actually your typo (and the fact that you're last on the list) were what made me click on your link. Happy mistake!