Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Creating Memories

I always try to make my posts reflect some kind of creativity - not always the traditional creativity we think of as art, crafts, cooking etc.  I believe we are all creative in a myriad of ways.

Today's post is about creating memories in the way that objects can remind us of a time, person or place that helps our mind meander along the lanes of our memory, hopefully bringing a smile to our face, reminding ourselves why that time, person or place is special to us. 

On my walks at the moment I'm seeing lots of fringe lilies, which I love because of their delicate fringing, better than the finest lace shawls, because they are purple (yay) but also because they remind me of my mum who visited last year at about this time when the fringe lilies are out.  Last year I was so relieved to find one after days of looking and not finding, with mum's visit counting down quickly.  She was most impressed - who couldn't be - and now one of my favourite flowers is extra special because of the memories it creates. 

If you're looking at blogs as part of Blogtoberfest, go check Virtu - each Tuesday is a remembering day - looking at things that remind her of friends and special people.  It's an ace blog!

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Sally said...

Oh I love those flowers. This is such a lovely post - I think we hold much in common with our outlook on life.

Thanks too for your kinds words about my blog *blush*