Wednesday, October 27, 2010

25th Blogtober

(Written on 25th October but not posted as no internet access :( )

So, this is my little giveaway story ... are you sitting comfortably ...

My giveaway for this part of Blogtober fest was for one of my spirit dolls – due to find a new home and fly the nest I offered my readers a choice of doll. Well, on the first day I had two lovely comments from two people, and as the draw grew close to its end date without any further comments, I thought I would send both dolls on their merry way as each entrant had chosen a different doll. And it’s my blog and I can change the rules as I go along :)

Anyway, I had a third comment from another lovely lady and started to feel bad about changing the rules before the end of the giveaway!! The best way to solve my conscience I decided was to have a draw anyway and see what fate decided ...

And look ... the two names I picked out were the two names who had left their comments first! The lucky winners were Brighton Breezy and Caribou Crossing – please e-mail me your addresses so that I can mail out your prize! I feel it was definitely meant to be that my little dolls go out into the big wide world to the UK and Canada. And I’ve decided that as it is my blog and I can change the rules as I go along ;) I’m going to go shopping in Cairns tomorrow and find a tiny piece of Australiana to send to all 3 lovely ladies as a little added extra! So Felt Like Stitchin’ gets a little consolation prize too! Yay! BTW – pop over to Felt Like Stitchin’s blog to enter the giveaway to win a beautiful handmade pink fleecy scarf. I love this blog as it’s full of comforting images and projects that make me want to cuddle up in a nice warm blankie even as summer approaches!


Janet said...

Larissa, I am thrilled! What an exceptional gift to win! My e-mail should be attached to this post...but let me know if you need something more.

FeltLikeStitchin said...

Awww Lara, you're so sweet, thank you:)
My postman gets all giddy when he brings me parcels from overseas - nearly as giddy as I do!