Saturday, October 9, 2010


I took my camera out with me today to practise shots in the sunny weather - I am still learning and loving my camera and gaining in confidence every time I use it.  So we took it to my favourite place in Perth on our walkies with Charlie boy.  Here it is:

My most favourite place
You know I told you the other day about our dog swimming for the first time, well here he is having another go.  He's getting quite good now - the other day he wobbled from side to side and looked a bit panicky!

Look at him go!
Yesterday was not a good day for Charlie.  He ran across the road twice and almost ran away with a Great Dane when we went for a walk in the woods (she was very pretty ...)  Today I was reminded why I do actually love him as the newest member of our family - this is just too cute:

Aww ....
So he's been forgiven all his pushing of boundaries.  I'm a sucker for those big puppy eyes!  :)


miss~nance said...

Dogs are wonderful, it's great to see them learn to like something new.

I am a fellow blogtoberfest participant & am finding my way around all the blogs (hopefully). Tis a fabulous way to find new blogs.

Would love you to visit mine



The Clip Cafe said...

Oh we are Perthites too - where is this?

Sally said...

Great shot - love the reflection!