Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Felt like scribbling a doodle tonight and colouring it in, no agenda - and look what happened! I've called it the 'Lovebird'. Also practised signing my name as Larissa, my artist name!

Today I went up to school to help out with the 'Easter Extravaganza' - lots of Easter craft activities for the kids. I think the children enjoyed themselves playing with paint, glitter and glue, but I was the one who was overwhelmed, it was so noisy and busy! The excellent thing about it was that kids were being encouraged to be creative and enjoying themselves doing so. It's just getting older that makes me grumpy about noise levels! :)

Oh, and today I am famous! I've appeared in a newspaper article about art therapy in the West Australian. It talks about Linda of Creative Seeds, and she'd asked me to do a testimony as to how art has helped me, and we were printed!! I feel very proud. Take a look if you have a few moments.

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