Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday's sunflower

Could this possibly be the world's smallest sunflower? On the packet it did say they were seeds for 'dwarf sunflowers', but surely this is exceptional? It is beautiful though.
I have taken time off from my arty projects because I'm trying to finish the baby cardigans for my little nephews. They were born slightly bigger than I expected them to be, and I have to finish the cardies before they grow out of them - so now it's knitting frenzy time! I do, however, plan to finish my healing dolls in the next couple of days. Everyone else on the course seems to be producing their dolls at a fair rate and I'm still stuck on my preparation dolls! Could this be a sign of some kind? Maybe that I just need to work at my own pace and not worry about what everyone else is doing! That would be a valuable lesson for me, I'm always worrying about what everyone else thinks, and sometimes it leads me to get stuck and not do anything ...
Yesterday I was extremely decadent and bought a French magazine from a gift shop in our village. It has no English text in it, so I haven't really got a clue what it's saying if it uses vocabulary any more difficult than my O-level French can cope with, but the cover was so colourful and there was an article about a French textile artist and I was seduced by all the colour and texture. Being such a visual person it's a real treat to just look at the pictures and enjoy the colours and European houses and decor ... just as well really that pictures have a universal language no matter what country you live in. That's why art is so fabulous!

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