Monday, March 9, 2009

Healing Doll - part 2

Doll number 10

I am pleased to announce that I've finished my healing dolls! (Well, the practise ones from my healing definition - still lots of work to do for the course!) This is part 2, that is when healing is complete, the bringing of balance and freedom. It's based on the grass tree I saw on one of my bush meditation walks with Linda from Creative Seeds. It has a very womanly shape, which I have tried to replicate on my little cardboard cutout, and then highlighted with gold paint just to make sure! I realized also that my before healing doll was flat, very one dimensional, whereas this healing doll is a 3-D model - coming into fullness. This was totally unintentional, but I think it's great visually to describe the process of healing, so I was very pleased with my 'accident'. I made the grass out of felt cut into a fringe then rolled up tightly, before being stuck to the top of the branches/arms with craft glue. The kids would each bring the doll into me, with me crying "it's only just been glued", but they were so impressed with it, they wanted to talk to me about it. It's great having a ready made fan club at home. Love them all!! xx

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