Thursday, March 19, 2009

Natural creativity

An artistic take on yesterday's leafy creativity!

Yesterday we went for a walk on the new concrete paths which have been put down in our suburb. I quite liked the rustic no pavement look, but well, I guess they had their reasons for neatening nature up! Anyway ... nature got her own back in a very creative way. As we walked along we noticed that some leaves had fallen and stuck into the concrete whilst it was setting. Some of the leaves had already eroded away, and left beautiful leaf shaped indentations. We had great fun finding other leaves that were still stuck to the pavement and peeling them up to reveal the natural art underneath. It was interesting to feel the texture as well - some of the indentations were silky smooth and in others you could feel where the veins of the leaf had been. We were fascinated and it must have added an hour onto our short walk! See, creativity happens where you least expect it - you just have to look!

Today I have been a busy bee writing up a new resume (CV for Poms like me!) and cutting out patterns for a new design of spirit doll - it's a bit larger than the ones I have posted about before. Don't know how they will go, as their arms are obviously bigger too, and are pointing upwards. I did think today that this may be a design flaw waiting to happen as I'm not sure if they'll bend and become wonky after time passes. It will need some R&D I think! Maybe I can strengthen the whole lot by painting over in PVA once I've painted the doll with acrylics. I will post my findings here ... I've also been dreaming of making some beads by needle felting, which I've never tried before, but hey, that hasn't stopped me so far in my artistic endeavours! I've got the wool, I just need a bit of space and quiet so I can use the needles without getting distracted - they are very sharp and have barbs on them (ouch) to tease the fibres together, and you can injure yourself if you're not careful.

The weather is cooling down as autumn approaches as well, so I treated myself to a lovely, fluffy new dressing gown today as my much loved, but very old one, has become threadbare and is falling apart at the seams. The new one is so soft and comforting I almost can't wait for the chilly winter mornings!

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