Sunday, March 15, 2009

A breath of fresh air ...

No posts for the last couple of days because I've had a cold. I've still got earache, but I missed writing my blog, so here I am. We decided to go out today to get some fresh air and make ourselves feel better. It's a few months since we visited Araluen Botanical Gardens so we decided to take the kids for a jaunt there as they've never been before - we could walk sedately along the paths, and they would be able to run around and climb on the rocks and play poohsticks in the river. They weren't expecting a wonderful, tree-filled, magical landscape, just gardens with some flowers! But Araluen is a place of magic and beauty, from the pink amyrillis to the gnarled tree trunks made into seats, which quickly became a king's throne in the imagination of children. My husband managed to snap a picture of me away in my own world, absorbed by the beautiful and vivid colours of the petunias. The children were reluctant to go back home, they were so entranced with the place. It's definitely one of my favourite places in Australia.

Painting has come to a standstill with my cold, although I do have a few pictures forming in my mind. So I have been knitting, and using circular needles to knit a bag, which I'm going to felt when I've finished it. Unfortunately, I started at the wrong place, so the increases weren't where they were supposed to be, and if I hadn't realized and felted it, I would have ended up with a real topsy-turvy-twisty bag! So I had to undo nearly all of it back to the base, and am starting again. It must be teaching me patience, and also to go with intuition - I thought there was something amiss when I'd only done a few rows, but thought it must be the design of the bag! I'll listen to that little voice next time, and take a look at the pattern and the shape of my knitting ...

Must go, need to have a Lemsip, then off to bed - still feeling sorry for myself!

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