Thursday, March 12, 2009

Knit one ... (two!)

Hurray! I've knitted my cardigans for my little nephews. Just hope they fit by the time they get to the UK! I had to change sizes and knit one larger cardi when I found out that although they are twins, the boys are a good size! So that's why no blogging last night, I was frantically finishing these gifts, then knitting a couple of tension squares with 100% wool yarn so that I can test how they felt, as I'm intending to knit some hats and slippers for this winter. Most definitely some slippers for myself because I hate to have cold feet, and believe it or not it does get quite cold in Perth in the winter; and also some for a craft stall I'm planning later in the year.

These items actually knit up quite quickly using circular needles, and I've finally mastered the correct way to hold the needles, which has made my knitting much speedier and more comfortable for my hands. Less RSI! At present I'm knitting a bag with some lovely green pure wool, and I adore the colour, it's so earthy and reminds me of trees. I love knitting it just so that I can look at the colour. Colour is amazingly important to me, today I bought some potatoes because they had purple skins. They don't taste any different, but the colour is awesome!

As we're on a knitting theme tonight, I thought I'd include this quote which is just so gorgeous:

"Hearts knitted together with love can never be pulled apart." - Kate Knapp

Isn't that just so sweet! Yes, I know I'm soppy ...

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