Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bags of creativity

Hurray! Finally finished knitting my lovely green bag, after having to undo most of it the previous day. At the moment it hasn't got much structure, but wait until it's been felted! It'll look gorgeous!

I spent the first part of my day helping at school today. My duty was to organize the kiddies painting some animals they are going to make from paper plates and paper shapes. They were so excited, I had a little queue of people waiting for their go. It's so lovely to see children eager to create - such a shame we lose the will to do so as we get older. Notice I don't say 'ability' to create - we all have the ability we've just forgotten how to use it! Let's rediscover that childlike enthusiasm for creating, I say!

I'm typing this in bits, as I'm trying to upload photos of my healing definition dolls to the medicine dolls online group. It's taking quite a while, but it's good to see the process put in order rather than just as photo files on my PC. Each step emerging, a real creative journey.

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