Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Blogtoberfest day 9 - another challenge!

Blogtober blogs visited: 11-20
Named and famed!  Trudy at Playing in the Attic - thank you for your comment!

I've thought of something else for my Blogtoberfest challenge - I've been pretty pants at answering comments that are left, so I've decided if someone leaves me a comment during Blogtober before I get to them on the Blogtoberfest blog roll I will leave a mention and a link to your blog here as a thank you for visiting and commenting.  I'm hoping to redeem myself in some way :)  And it has been so much fun visiting all these different blogs, I'm loving the challenge.

What I did today - I had reflexology on my feet, which was amazing and relaxing the first hour and a half I've had to sit quietly and just be for the entire school holidays.  Then my dear friend gave me a bag of lovely fresh veggies from her garden.  So I made tea with some of them and had to take a pic of the perfect aubergines - nothing to do with the fact they're purple of course ...

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DIANE said...

I love reflexology, so relaxing. Lucky you! Thanks for visiting my blog.