Monday, October 15, 2012

Blogtoberfest day 15 - Feeling flat as a pancake

A cuppa always helps my mood - the mug is a present to myself from my trip to the UK in August :)
Woke up this morning feeling not so great.  I have to admit I was feeling a wee bit flat, but not really knowing the reason why.  There are a few things I can do, so the first was to have a lovely long walk with the dog and stomp a part of it off.  That worked, but I came home still feeling blah.

I ended up spending the rest of the day with the kiddies, just sitting whilst they were playing X-box; playing Dr Who Top Trumps with Little Man was entertaining - we played our way, until Big B informed us we weren't playing by the rules so we tried his version, it was good, but not as good as ours; we cut up fruit for our dehydrater; and walked the dog again in the evening at Jorgy Park.  I can honestly say my littlies cheered me up so much. 

My little hexies cheer me up too - 64 more to go ...
There's also a couple of blogs I turn to when I'm feeling down, they are always guaranteed to put a smile on my face; Jody Pearl who reinvents (upcycles) clothing and who taught me how to make a splice skirt, the best skirt ever!  And the girls at A Beautiful Mess because they are just so darned gorgeous and their blog is one to aspire to.  Go take a look, I promise you won't be disappointed.  And on the Blogtoberfest front, I've visited numbers 71-80 today, so have had a good dose of blog therapy :)


quilary said...

Hi Larissa, you're doing well to be visiting all those blogs- thanks for stopping by mine.
I sympathise with you feeling 'blah' - blogs and sewing are good medicine!

Ren said...

Ah the joys of waking up flat. It's not nice is it, but glad your kiddies cheered you up! Your hexies are cute :)

Penny Wise said...

I love that mug! Where did you get it? I too feel flat today after finishing a section of my DIY project. I am unable to embrace the next bit yet and I feel a little lost. Perhaps some crafting up would so the trick...

PS thanks for stopping by the blog :-)