Thursday, October 4, 2012

Blogtoberfest day 4 - Mental

Wasn't sure how I was going to do this post.  So it's going to evolve as I write :)

I've mentioned my hard week at work - doing a training course.  Well, this course was an ASIST course - which is a first aid suicide intervention course.  It has been exhausting, so much to learn, role-playing to get anxious about, emotional issues.  All I want to do is sleep.

As a reward for a hard week, I went to see a movie with the lovely ladies I work with - it's called 'Mental' starring Toni Collette amongst many others.  Now I've never kept it a secret that I have experienced depression and still have to manage anxiety on a daily basis, so was this a good choice?  I'd say yes!  Unresoundingly.  It's funny and heart-breaking at the same time. It's about a stranger - Shaz - who is recruited as a nanny by a husband who's had his wife admitted to a mental hospital after having a nervous breakdown.  Shaz helps the family rise up above their present state of feeling like losers by some very unconventional means, making for hilarious and at times shocking results.  But she's only really mean to the nasty people :)  And you have to question who really is the mental one?  (Oh and if you like 'The Sound of Music' you'll love this!)

Having lived with mental illness there is a possibility that I find things funny that others may not - developing a black sense of humour is one of the things that gets you through the experience of mental illness, and something that your peers share.  But I think it's got a great message for everyone, especially considering it's mental health week next week; there are some uncomfortable moments, but it's a good Aussie film that I can recommend seeing.  

I enjoyed it and it was a good way to end the week after so much emotion - so don't read the Sydney Herald review - they don't know what they're on about!  Just go and see it and make up your own mind :)

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Trudy said...

This movie is on my must-see list. I'm intrigued now that you've linked it to 'The Sound of Music'!!