Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blogtoberfest day 18 - Frazzled

My brain is fried ... been one of those weeks, and it's nearly Friday!  Yay!  I've only really had that 'Friday feeling' back since I've returned to work - now is that a good thing?

Got back home, made a cuppa, stomped off the frustration walking the dog, quick dash to Woolies for supplies, then up 'til late making pizza scrolls and cupcakes for a leaving party for one of Little Man's friends tomorrow.  I think the baking won, nothing like the smell of pizza dough and a sneaky try of a cupcake to revive the spirit!

I'm all ready for tomorrow now!

(no blog visiting tonight, taking a break but will enjoy the weekend discovering more in the blogosphere)

1 comment:

Lilli boo said...

You did the right thing in all areas. I love your term...'Stomped off the frustration..' as that's a positive way to just stamp out your frustrations... cute little post and I love your honesty :) cheers, Lil x