Monday, September 29, 2014

Going around in circles

Sometimes my work includes working at a respite day where I'm in charge of the craft activity.  I need to find something fairly simple but interesting as we don't have oodles of time.  This month I've chosen circular weaving.  All you need is a paper plate (or 2 together if they're feeble and flimsy like mine were!), acrylic yarn in different colours, scissors and maybe a plastic needle if you find it difficult to weave using your fingers.

Of course I had to have a go myself :)

I found a really good resource too.  Mr E is my new art hero :)  I did have some idea of what to do, but when I started off on my own, things didn't look quite right!  This blog helped me realize I hadn't made the right numbers of spokes on my wheel - odd numbers are what you need - doh!  Then you'll get that beautiful 'under, over, under, over' pattern.  I'll leave Mr E to give you the instructions as he does it so well.  (Follow link above).

Lovely.  I'm wondering now what else I can create with my circles, I'm also thinking they could be quite addictive ...

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Chris said...

That's a great idea!