Friday, September 5, 2014

Back to the routine

Sparkly Nora Batty tights
Hello my lovelies.  This is just a little post to say I'm back (have been physically back in Oz for a week) in the land of the living.  Jet lag is so not enjoyable!

Blogging was not easy in the UK for us so I didn't stress over it.  We found it hard enough to get connected for emails, so we left it at that.  Accordingly there is a lot to catch up on :)  Watch this space for pics and maybe some stories ...

We had such a great time catching up with friends and family.  Some things changed and lots of things stayed the same.  Now it's back to normal routine, savouring the memories of this last visit until we get to go again xxx

A picture from one of our younger friends happy to see us home xx

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