Tuesday, September 9, 2014

OWOP - Not-so-Splice Skirt

This is the fabric I shared with you a little while ago.

This is the skirt I finished on my daughter's machine yesterday.  It's my not-so-Splice skirt - it only has one layer and is a beautiful A-line skirt, which seems to flatter just about anyone I've seen it on.  It's my most comfortable skirt.  Here you can see it after surviving one whole day at work, in and out of the car and office.  Still looking good!  :)

These photos show me how important it is to have a good fitting bra that doesn't show under your clothes!  I need to wear my lovely well-fitting ones from M&S I purchased on our recent hols.   A visit to M&S is a must when we go back to the Isle of Wight!  Failing that I need to start making my own undies ... now that's an idea ...

I still owe you 2 splice skirts ... still to be blogged!

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Chris said...

Love the skirt Lara x