Monday, September 8, 2014

No OWOP today!!

Gah!  I give up!  My beloved 20 year old Viking sewing machine blew up on me this evening, with a sizzle, boof and then smoke drifting out of the motor :(   Then I couldn't find the pedal to my Singer because I must have put it in a 'safe' place before I went to the UK and have forgotten where said 'safe' place is.  Bah!  So I used my lovely daughter's little machine to finish off the not-so-splice skirt which I shall wear to work tomorrow.

Now all motivation to do anything apart from retire to bed on a cold and stormy night has gone, which means I will have 3 OWOP items to share next time I blog. 

Bah humbug - feeling grumpy!!

But at least I have a gorgeous skirt to wear tomorrow ...

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