Friday, September 12, 2014

OWOP - Catch up time

Time for a wee catch-up of Splice skirts, here are 3 for you :)

This is my summery splice skirt, made with 2 layers of quilting cotton.  I love it, but it was a tad cold on the day I chose to wear it this week, so it's complimented by a pair of Ugg boots, much to the disgust of my youngest!

My newest Splice was made to cheer me up,  Sometimes a bit of creativity helps liven the mood, so I stopped off at Spotlight and chose some more quilting cottons (as if I haven't got enough in my stash!).  I do find browsing colourful fabrics goes a long way to cheering me up too.  This is my special purple Splice -

And finally, my work-a-day Splice.  This one I wear mostly to work; at first glance it's just a simple black linen look officewear skirt, then on closer attention you notice the purple lace and gorgeous spotty vintage fabric underneath -

Presently I'm working on a bit-of-Splice skirt.  I can still hear the washing machine which contains the requisite part for chenilling.  I hope I can get it finished for today!

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