Saturday, September 6, 2014

One Week, One Pattern 2014 (OWOP)

Today is the first day of 'One Week, One Pattern'.  Basically you choose a pattern you love to bits, love to make and wear, and hopefully already have a few items already made up of, then you post a pic of the said item for the OWOP which starts today for one week.  Simples.

My pattern is the beloved Splice skirt, designed by Jody Pearl of Sew Outside the Lines.  Those of you who have followed my blog for a while may know of my love affair with this garment. I've actually made 6, one of which now lives happily in the UK, another of which is simply one layer making a gorgeously fitting A-line skirt.  Somehow, I have to try and make a couple more this week.  Piece of cake.  I just won't work, eat or do the washing up!

Actually that's what I love about this pattern, it's so quick and easy to make up, especially after you've made a couple. If you haven't tried one already head to Jody's site here.

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Chris said...

The renamed strata skirt is adored and admired in the UK!