Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What's in a picture?

I can't believe that we fly out 3 weeks tomorrow.  That's if we get our passports back on time - apparently we are a security risk because we've applied from outside the country and we have to have extensive security checks done.  Well, I never ... it's all a bit embarrassing really ...

Can you believe it's already nearly the end of term 2?  Or that it's Christmas Day 6 months today?  Time goes scarily fast!  Forget what I said about it being Christmas Day soon-ish - there's enough other stuff to worry about for now :)
Dad sent us a card today - very cute - we all love penguins.  It's amazing the differing perspectives that were offered on the card:

I said you can tell it's a girl because she has to carry her luggage herself
My hubby said you can tell it's a girl because she has so much stuff

... and Little Man said 'you can tell it's a girl because she has a pink spotty bag' - a boy after my own heart, you can never have too pretty a bag (just take a look at all my floral Cath Kidston bags hogging my wardrobe space!)  Also, his reply is not so scathing or cynical.   It's great to see I'm training him well, and that he has good taste :)

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Chris said...

Oh dear, I do hope the passports arrive in time! So looking forward to seeing you all x