Monday, June 9, 2014

Planned Splice Skirt

My calendar tells me it's day 43 of the countdown!  (Happy dance!!)

I've been doing the books again for the past couple of days, and no matter how much I tried I just could not make it interesting enough to blog about!

It was finished today, and I believed I had done enough boring stuff to warrant giving myself  a shot of dress-making to recover :)   Last week I ventured into Spotlight with the sole purpose of buying fabric to make another splice skirt, and to add to the sweetness there was 40% off dress and quilting fabric - yay!  I did really well, only buying one extra I didn't need for my project - some quilting fabric with owls on to share with my little Friday, sanity-keeping sewing group. 

So, today I cut out my splice layers, and two other skirts which are using the same pattern but being one layer to make a plain bias cut skirt.

Did I say plain?  Check out this fabric I'm using for one of them ...

  It's fantabulous!  It might be the inspiration I need to get painting again.

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Janet said...

Wild! But pretty.