Sunday, June 1, 2014

No clue what day it is today in my blogging challenge - got myself in a total muddle there!

I've spent part of today trying to put right a dress I made a couple of months ago, which went very wrong and looked totally awful.  Think I'm getting there, but if it takes much longer, I'll end up putting it in the bin!  If it turns out OK I will blog about it.  Who knows.

Anyway ... I decided today that although I LOVE sewing and dress-making, it was about time I did something else creative.  I have a bee in my bonnet at the moment about fabric printing, indeed today I received an email informing me that my self-designed printed fabric is on its way from Spoonflower now: I will definitely blog about that!  Fabric design is something I've been thinking about for a while, so today I played about with some leaves for a design.  I used oil pastels and the old, but tried and true method of leave rubbing.  I quite like it.  This is only a corner of the whole design though. 

I could truly imagine a lovely dress made out of this (there we go with the sewing again ...)

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