Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What the rabbit saw ...

I have looked at my calendar and can confidently say that it is day 38 of my countdown :)

Today I went back to my creative roots and did a bit of sketching.  It was inspired by my morning visit to the bunny.  We have a reverse 'food chain' triangle at our house - at the top is the rabbit, then it's the cat who has been charged by the rabbit, then it's the dog, who is scared of both.  The cat isn't actually ours, he's from next door and likes to visit.

This morning I was peering in at the bunny, wishing it a very happy day and giving it carrot tops, when I looked round to see the dog at my shoulder and the cat sitting on a rock looking in before it turned round and showed the rabbit its bottom.  It must be cat language for something, he's only trying it on because the bunny was in the hutch ...

Anyway, it made me smile and I thought of how it would look to the rabbit ... see ... inspiration can be anywhere!

PS  I really want to say thanks to Chris, Janet and Sally (and my dad!) for their lovely comments last month - I'm sorry I didn't get round to commenting to you individually, but I love it that you took the time to chat with  me :) xx  THANK YOU xx

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Chris said...

Ha ha, that made me smile, lovely sketch. x