Monday, June 2, 2014

Late reflections on Me-Made-May 2014

Here's how we spent WA Day today:

I also took the time to make a list of everything I wore in the Me-Made-May 2014 Challenge.  I challenged myself to wear 3-4 items of me-made clothes and/or accessories, which meant a minimum of 13 items and I managed 14, which I'm very happy with thank you very much :)

What did I learn from my challenge?

That I would love a wardrobe consisting solely of Anna dresses, splice skirts and Plantain tops.

I would like to make more knit items, especially running gear, more Plantain tops and swimsuits.

Fluffy scarves are my feel good item for winter :)

If you find something that fits well, you love the fabric and it's easy to make lots of the item, you can be wearing the items for years to come.

It really is worth finding an item that fits well, is in a lovely, unique, comfy fabric - and to take the time to ensure it fits all your idiosyncracies! (In my case, big top and no waist!)

Hexagons still rock my world! :)

Hexagon bag for my last Me-Made-May item - made using vintage fabrics and info from 'Sew' by Cath Kidston

And here's the other side :)
And ... it's day 36 of my blogging challenge - I know this for sure, as I've put it all down on a calendar, no more excuses for muddles!

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