Saturday, June 14, 2014

A cute Acute

It's day 48 of my countdown (which means 32 days until we leave!!)

... resting on another project I'm going to share with you soon ,..
This week has had its challenges :)  I had to do my favourite task of bookkeeping - yay!  Then Little Man slipped on a honky nut at school and gave himself concussion when a sandstone block wall stopped his fall :(  He's feeling much better today, but I have been worried about him.  I made him a little bed next to ours on the day it happened so we could keep an eye on him as he slept, and that's how I found my Acute toy tucked under a pile of books ...

It made me smile which is why I'm sharing it here.  The fabric is supposed to be inspirational.  The pattern calls for you to cut a slit in the front of the body piece so that it can be stuffed, then the hole is sewn up and the head sewn on over the top so you don't see the sewing.

Unfortunately, I got muddled with which side I wanted to be the front.

Can you see it?

Yes, that's right - it says 'Let your light shine' ... right over the little Acute's bottom!

That's pretty cute!  (This pattern is the 'Acute' pattern by Melly & Me if you want to look it up).  Let's get more Acutes hiding under books!

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