Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yikes - gratitude list for days 26 - 30

An out-take from my Laurel photo shoot
Hello - and wow!  Where has the time gone? ...

So, I'm going to make a gratitude list for the past few days, then explain why I've been in absentia:

Gratitude for -

1.   I'm grateful for Little Man being able to catch up with friends at the end of the week
2.   I feel privileged that a friend felt comfortable enough to let her little man have a sleepover with my Little Man.  Much fun was had - and it involved playing with real toys like Lego and making up stories - shock, horror
3.   My trip to the op shops with a lovely friend and gathering treasure for upcycling
4.   My sewing machine - I love it!
5.   Having a good old fashioned movie day - and all the family were in the same room at the same time - yay!
6.   The weather being cooler which meant ...
7.   ... we had breakfast outside at the weekend ...
8.   ... and quiet time with my hubby in the backyard, sipping coffee, chatting, reading
9.   Spending time with Little Man today, going to the pictures and watching Iron Man 3; secretly happy that when he gets tired, or worried or scared he will still hold my hand (but don't tell anyone!)
10.  Finishing something for a contest deadline, and having the photos done to upload to Flickr on time - feeling great about it, when at several times throughout the entire experience I wanted to give up!

Number 10 gives the reason for my lack of blogging - besides family stuff, I've spent all my time stepping up to the sewing machine and making a dress and top for the Colette sewing contest from the Laurel pattern.  If you follow the link to the Colette patterns blog you'll be able to read about it and visit the Flickr group to see the lovely Laurel creations.

Lounging around in my Laurel dress - it's very, very comfy
 Thank you to everyone for sharing my gratitude journey, maybe I'll make it a daily exercise, it certainly puts a smile on my face to think of all that I'm grateful for, and the more I think about it, the more I find to be grateful and happy for :)

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Chris said...

I'm grateful for the fact that YOU have inspired me to buy a sewing machine. Have no idea how to use it yet ... but I'm always up for a challenge!