Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 10 - gratitude - difficult when it's so hot!

It's been in the thirties for the past 10 days or more, and I'm getting seriously grumpy!  Today at 35 degrees it was beyond a joke and hard to be grateful for a girl who prefers the cold weather.  It's been the hottest April since the 1970's you know ...

But today I am grateful for ... little gems that arrive in my email inbox.  Today I was sent a marketing email to join a presentation by Jean Houston who is one of the founders of the Human Potential Movement - appetite whetted I checked out the link and found something I like very much.  The belief that we can imbue "every moment with purpose and potential no matter how “ordinary” the moment may seem to be".

And it did me good to take on that perspective; I grabbed a pile of gifts I'd left in a bag just waiting and wrapped them all up ready to post to the UK.  (Only late for birthdays back in January and February this year).  I sat there and imagined how excited my niece and nephews would be to get a parcel from Australia and it made the time fly and it appear like less of a chore.  Happiness on both sides of the world :)

(The presentation is free if you want to join, just follow the link, but be quick as it takes place on 11th April)

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Janet said...

On Wednesday I was grateful that I got to see the doctor in my hometown, instead of having to drive an hour. He was in town doing doctor's clinic which happens once a month.