Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 12 and 13 - what am I grateful for?

See those splodges on the tile - that's from the rain we've had - yay!

Well, I didn't get to write my blog last night as we went out to see friends and ended up staying out longer than anticipated, so I guess I can say I'm grateful for having friends and connections and the chance to meet up. 

I've also been thinking over the whole gratitude thing for the past couple of days.  This last month or so has been rather a challenge for one reason or another, and sometimes I've struggled to find what I have gratitude for.  In my previous post I decided to go right back to basics as I couldn't think of anything else - and before I knew it I had a lovely list of things that I am grateful for, which made me very happy.  So I think the key is to just make a start, and the rest will follow, even if all you can start with is "I'm grateful for the sun coming up, for getting out of bed, being able to put slippers on my feet, having breakfast ..." and so on - you could give it a go too if you find you're getting stuck on the gratitude journey.

As is my way, I did have a moment of doubt the other day in that I was wondering why I was on this journey and was I really achieving very much.  I did decide counting my blessings was in fact helping me feel lighter in spirit and the lovely ladies who've been following and leaving their comments on gratitude have encouraged me too.  (Thank you so much xx)  And I also received a comment from a new 'traveller' (and you'll have to read the comments on my previous post to see the words that made me smile!) which made me realize that sharing my moments of gratitude were in their turn touching somebody else's heart.  So I'm grateful that we can all have a positive effect on others sometimes without realizing.

... and to explain the pic at the top, most of this thinking went on in the forest behind our house and I'm so grateful for this natural world that helps me contemplate, and this is a beautiful banksia seed pod which I picked up, a symbol of my outdoor world.  I love nature!

Phew, that's a whole lot of gratitude - do you think my blogging mojo is making a comeback?  :)


Chris said...

I'm very grateful for the beautiful beach I have the privilege of walking on every day.

Janet said...

On Saturday I was grateful for a visit from a friend who brought seeds for me to plant and made some carrot seed tapes with me.