Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 22 - with some gratitude for days 18-21 as well :)

Oops - would you believe blogging stopped because of a few germs :(  But that's my gratitude moment for today - it's the first time I've felt healthy for several days - yay!

So now I'm having to think over the past days and find moments of gratitude from each, here goes:

I'm grateful for ...

  • brainstorming with friends who have encouraged me to follow up on an arty opportunity that keeps knocking
  • finding inspiration on great sites such as, and ok, buying some embroidery designs for my stash, but they are oh so gorgeous, go look-see for yourself
Icarus - choice of hand or machine embroidery - image courtesy of
  • someone else cooking dinner when I wasn't well at the weekend
  • chocolate - always grateful
  • being part of the celebrations for our friends big 5-0 party last week, honoured to be there xx
  • hexagons on my quilt
  • my meditation sessions
  • conversation with my teenage kids, who although they do have their moments, are still happy to talk to mum :)
  • big, squishy hugs from Little Man
  • making a Lego model with Little Man on the last day of term, when we rushed to the toyshop from school to spend saved up pocket money
  • sharing these moments with you ...

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Janet said...

A quiet day at home after four days at a quilt retreat. I am worn right out.