Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stacey Apeitos - Queen of Arts

I had the wind blown well and truly out of my sails when I discovered that an artist I admire died back in September after a battle with breast cancer.  The artist is Stacey Apeitos and I'd discovered her work from her fabulous art e-zine 'Astarte'.  She was a true believer in the healing power of art and a real inspiration to me.

Her work ranged from mixed media, paper art, art dolls, felting amongst many others.  I remember a story she told about having to draw a crown - hence my little doodle above - the story made me smile at the time and although I've forgotten the details, I will always think of her as the queen of arts.

Stacey will live on in the memories and love of those who were close to her, but it is soothing to know that she also leaves a legacy to the wider world in her art works. 

Her death has made me think about my own art dreams that I've been carrying around with me since the age of 18, but using excuses, mainly fear based, have never brought fully to fruition.  It's made me think - if I don't live my dream, who will?

Rest in Peace Stacey, and thank you for making the world a brighter place.

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