Monday, December 20, 2010

An evening with U2

"Do you believe in fairy tales?"  Such as being at a concert at one of the most amazing rock bands in the world?  Yes I do!
We've just returned from the U2 concert in Perth.  Awesome doesn't even halfway describe it!!  This picture is by my guest artist for this post and was painted on the t-shirt I was wearing to the event.  Thank you HB.  I am a very proud mother. xx
The atmosphere was electric, the stage show mesmerizing, the music loud and unforgettable. I particularly liked the guitars - always one of my favourite instruments although I haven't got a clue how to play.  I have my dad to blame thank for that - he was always listening to guitar music and I think my love for the intrument came from there.  Thanks dad!

Oh well, back to the real world in the morning, great to escape it for a couple of hours - ...

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