Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer - with a moral ...

My own little Rudolfs - mum bought the reindeer on the left for me when I was 18 ...

.... and after all that time his nose still lights up!!
Last night at his concert, Jack Johnson sang a gorgeous version of Rudolf the red nosed reindeer - with his own final verse.  It's gorgeous - please have a listen!  As he said, we can sing it to our kids and it has a great moral. 

Getting into the Christmas spirit!!

Enjoy xxxxx


Sally said...

That is a much better ending isn't it?
Thanks for sharing :)

MsPIGgii said...

Hi Larissa,

I stubbled accross your store on madeit. Your items are gorgeous but the images does them no justice. If you're using Windows you can use Microsoft Office Picture Manager to brighten them up a little. If you want to be a little more detailed you can download a free version of photoshop online. Sorry for being nosy. Just trying to help ^_^