Friday, December 31, 2010

December Sewing Challenge - Sharpen Your Skills

December has been such a busy month I decided I had to make something small and simple. As it's my intention to become more organized in 2011 (ha, ha!) I thought I'd make a needle case. I really enjoyed the last embroidery sewing challenge and it's a past-time that quietens the mind and enables you to have a few pleasant moments to yourself, a perfect activity for after the Christmas rush.

I couldn’t make a link I was given for the combi van work, so I visited the font website, copied the combi (look for the font ‘Old Cars’ and it’s under the letter “S”) and traced it, refined it a bit to make a line drawing I was happy with and voila, one happy camper! Sally at Virtu has embroidered a gorgeous red camper if you want further inspiration. Thank you Sally!

So there, my last sewing challenge for 2010. I’m really pleased with it, especially the colour theme of red, white and blue which is one of my particular favourites at the moment – it’ll be something different next year I’m sure!


Sally said...

Oh I love your combi! BRILLIANT!
Great idea to make a needle case too... I really must do this. I'm planning to be more organised in 2011 too.


Carolyn said...

that is so cute! what lovely work your embroidery is! Well done!

Mandy said...

Oh I love your needle case with the combi on it. How cool. I love the red stripe on it. Drool worth fabric that one!