Thursday, December 16, 2010

End of school year, time for a well earned rest ...

It was the last day of school today.  My little man burst into tears just after he was let out, from the sheer exhaustion of this last term I think.  He's snuggled up reading with his big brother, life at a slower pace.

The meeting went well yesterday with the reporter.  There will be a picture of us parents in the weekend paper, complete with our angry faces! 

As one school year closes it's been a time to reflect over the last year, what I've been up to, how the children are growing up, what I want to achieve in the next year.  But I won't share my thoughts now, that's for another time.

I'll end with a quote, a favourite of mine, which is quite apt as we fight Optus about their cellphone tower (oops, did I just name and shame?), one which has stuck with me from university, written by the ever insightful George Orwell:

"We build a prison, and call it progress ..."

'Til next time xxx

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Sally said...

Happy holiday time... and good luck with your battle against yucky Optus!