Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunny flowers to warm you up on a winter's day ...

Today as I was walking into school people were puffing out steam into the cold air, greeting me with 'it's freezing isn't it' and I would reply 'yes, isn't it', when what I really wanted to say was 'yes, isn't it ... wonderful'!  I wanted to run around in circles, with aeroplane arms, enjoying being able to move without my body melting into a clammy heap!!  Don't get me wrong, I remember playing in the snow when I was little, my gloves soaked through and so, so, bitingly cold; I was the most miserable kid on the block.  But it was only 8 degrees today, and that's a good winter's day for the UK.  I guess if there are people who like hot weather, there are bound to be people who like the cold.  It's what makes us all so unique, our likings for difference!

Enjoy the flowers, they are bound to warm the cockles of your heart! :)

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