Friday, June 18, 2010

Sewing challenge

This June I'm taking part in a sewing challenge - see the image in the sidebar or click the link here.  The challenge for this month is to design something ourselves.  As I'm not really very experienced at pattern drafting I'm aiming for something simple yet spectacular!  I have this awesome fabric in my stash and I've decided to make an a-line skirt with it, using the Frida fabric and a coloured plain fabric to make the back and front panels.  Think there may well be some embellishing on the plain fabric panel as well.  At this stage all I've done is draw a rough sketch of what I want to achieve and I'm hoping that the simplicity of the design will mean that it all comes together pretty quickly.

Here I am sitting with my left hand in a wrist brace - it was my right hand earlier in the year if you remember.  It doesn't feel like carpel tunnel this time; I've basically overworked my hands with all this crochet and sewing and made my muscles ache!  Anyway, I did some research on the web and have found a supplier in Australia of therapeutic craft gloves, they seem as if they'd be really effective.  I'm persuaded so I'll be buying a pair and trying them out.  I believe it's better to take action now and relieve the problem rather than do nothing, do lots of damage and end up never being able to craft and paint again.  I would be a lost little soul indeed!

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