Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hot pud for a cold night!

There's nothing better than comfort food on a cold winter's evening - and how about this for a star turn?  It's a delicious chocolate pudding, made to a secret recipe!  Actually, it's from my best birthday buddy, who helps me celebrate my birthday by sending me a chocolate cake recipe seeing as she can't make us a joint birthday choccie cake whilst we're continents apart.  What a lovely way to honour our special day.

It was -1 degree last night - the second coldest temperature on record for WA.  I'm running round like a kid in a lolly shop because of the colder weather, whilst my family sit shivering.  I love all this dressing up in winter woolies, piling logs on the fire and stuffing hot water bottles into bed at night.  My hubby has started calling me 'Arctic La'.  Oh well, it will be summer before you know it, so I'm going to enjoy this cold spell while it lasts.  Keep warm!  xxxx

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