Thursday, June 17, 2010

Overwhelmed ... but still creating!

For the past few days (weeks if I'm honest) life has been terribly overwhelming.  There's been a lot to do with the kids, planning for their futures at school, scary that they are growing up so quickly.  Plus my starting work - I have to ask again - how do working mums do it?  I'm just forgetting so much, feeling flustered, rushing everywhere, and twice this week I was late for school pick-up.  Hats off to women who work full-time and have a family that's all I can say!

I have been crafting with avengence in the evenings though, it's one of the activities that keeps me sane!  That and eating chocolate.  :)  My afghan squares are all sewn together and I'm working on the border, it's been a pleasant activity these chilly winter evenings to have a chunky blankie on my lap whilst I've been working on the edging.  As you can see from the photo I'm also working on my hexagon quilt.  I call it my 'hanging on in there' quilt.  I've been working on it since Feb 2005, shortly after my arrival in Australia.  It's not been an easy journey starting a new life here and at times all that has kept me going is the quilting - the thought that I can finish something and have complete control of it.  Even my husband has commented that the quilt has been a great help in keeping my spirits up.  So when I finally finish it, it will truly have been a labour of love.  Thought I would take a photo of the back of the patchwork as you rarely see that side in all the quilting books and it will be permanently covered soon enough - it has a beauty all of its own don't you think?

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Sally said...

Yep - I think the back of the quilt is as beautiful as the front.... and as for working mother's I've just pulled the pin on my return to part time work. Too much for me at this time in my life... maybe next year.
The rushing everywhere isn't at all good for my health.
Take care... and when you can - take it slow.