Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No going back now - June Sewing Challenge part 2

This is my bedroom floor on Sunday afternoon - I was busy drafting up a pattern for my Frida skirt.  Having to use my noggin to try and work out some simple maths to get the sizes right - finally got there after much head scratching and scribbling on paper.  Can you see the small black blob in the top left hand corner of the pic?  It looks like a tribble from vintage Star Trek.  They were so cute, if not a little troublesome.

Anyway ... I have now cut out the fabric.  Usually I would recommend making a practise garment out of an old sheet or unwanted fabric, but as someone pointed out to me recently, June is nearly over and I didn't have enough time for that so it's fully into sewing the main garment.  At least it's a simple shape.  Tomorrow I will know if this means it's simple to make :)

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